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Mussar Kallah

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Welcome Jeff Agron
Through a Mussar LensBy Alan Morinis
Mussar In Action (Middah A Month) - By Nina Yarus
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By Jeff Agron, Co-President

We live by two calendars, the Hebrew calendar and, of course, our secular calendar. In the Jewish calendar, we are in the midst of the period between Pesach and Shavuot, known as the Omer; a time where we count each day, until we reach the time of the giving of our Torah on Shavuot.

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By Alan Morinis

That each of us is a holy soul is a notion completely alien to modern sensibilities. Few people think like that, and fewer still proclaim this ancient and profound insight. Have you seen the billboard or heard the radio spot reminding you that you are a holy soul? Not likely. When I look in the mirror and I peer deeper to seek a reflection of my true nature, the images that are easiest to grasp are of citizen, identity, consumer, doer, but who sees his or her own face, looks into the eyes, and recognizes: “soul“?

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mussar in action

By Nina Piken Yarus

Join us on an incredible journey. “Middah A Month” offers you an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. Most importantly, you can custom make the program to fit your own schedule. In this unique program, we’ve selected incredible texts, offered first-time translations of insightful Mussar masters translated exclusively for The Mussar Institute, included gripping stories and more. More than 100 people have enrolled in our program since February. Some signed up individually. Others signed up with a study partner. Whole groups have signed up to use our unique curriculum for their va’ad or organization. The choice is yours.

In our very busy lives, it’s hard for many of us to have a specific class at a specific time. This program is perfect for independent study. You can decide how much of the curriculum to use, and when to study and practice. It is open to students who have completed one or more courses with The Mussar Institute or have a solid foundation in Jewish studies.

Developing this vibrant curriculum over the past months, has given me an appreciation of the depth of our tradition. It is so exciting to connect deeply to such rich material. When the texts, stories, phrases and melodies finally gel each month, my perception of the middah evolves on a soul level.  A shift takes place that moves me to a new beginning. 

We invite you to become a member of Middah A Month. You can join at any time.  We look forward to having you on our journey. For more details visit Middah A Month Program.

Nina Piken Yarus is Middah A Month Coordinator.

Mussar Want Ads

How to Get Your Ad in Yashar

Need a chevruta partner? Do you have a Mussar book for sale or one you are seeking? Whatever your need or want in the area of Mussar, you can advertise your need or request in Yashar by sending it to wantads@mussarinstitute.org. We'll be sure to include your ad in the next issue, as long as we get your ad by our deadline. The deadline is the 10th of each month.


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