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Welcome – Modya Silver
A Mussar Practice at Work – By Joanne Lancin
Everyday Holiness: The Course – By Rabbi Micha Berger
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For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is a time to slow down a little, perhaps take a vacation and re-energize. I’m no different and after working quite solidly for the last 20 years, I got to go away for five weeks with my family. Wow! One outcome from the trip was the realization of how much my mind slowed down without constant intellectual activity and how that translated into somewhat sloppier decisions about my actions. I maintained my Mussar pilot light as well as my Torah learning pilot light, but I wasn’t trying very hard to advance myself. And therein lies the problem. 

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A Mussar Practice at Work
By Joanne Lancin

My husband and I traveled to be with our daughter and her family when their new baby arrived. Little did I realize that my Mussar practice would come into play for that two-week time span last May.

My daughter and I experienced many difficult years as she grew up and entered her 20s. They were very rocky times. Over recent years, we’ve both grown up and began to grow together bit by bit.

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Everyday Holiness: The Course

Guest Article for the Everyday Holiness Program
By Rabbi Micha Berger

The most powerful High Holidays experience of my life was eight years ago. By that Rosh Hashanah, I hadn’t yet returned to work after the nightmare of the attack on the World Trade Center a few blocks away. The charley horse from walking down 42 flights of stairs and up several miles of Manhattan had faded, and my ash-covered clothes long since in the trash. I had a hacking cough, my lungs trying to get rid of the burnt airplane fuel, building, and human suffering that were forced into them. My life’s stride was broken, and I hadn’t yet found it again.

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