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Special Kallah Issue

Dedicating an issue of Yashar is a meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one, to celebrate a joyful occasion or milestone. For details on sponsorship, please contact info@mussarinstitute.org.


Report from Kallah
What They Said About Mussar Kallah
Through a Mussar LensBy Alan Morinis
Kallah Recordings
A Taste of Mussar
Generosity Week
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What was billed as a retreat (kallah) focusing on nosei b’ol im chaveiro—bearing the burden with the other—became a retreat of the open heart. We learned and we shared. We listened and we heard. We connected and we were transformed.

The retreat was an amazing experience. The energy was palpable and the transformations were visible. Those new to The Mussar Institute (TMI) kallah were tentative at first, holding back a little the first day, not sure what to expect. But then little by little they moved with the flow and began opening up to the experience. They blossomed and they reached out; they smiled with pure joy.

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Dispatches from Mussar Kallah IX

The Mussar Kallah is becoming such a significant event on the spiritual calendar of The Mussar Institute that we’ve decided to devote this issue of Yashar to the experience of the retreat last month. For the second consecutive year, the kallah was held at the Illinois Beach Resort on the shores of Lake Michigan, a spot close to Chicago. Like last year’s, the retreat was held from Shabbat through Monday morning. As you’ll read below, the kallah has become a tradition. Next year’s will be held Oct. 26 – 29 at the same location. If you attended and would like a reminder of what made the retreat so special, or if you missed it and are curious, read the reflections from a number of participants below.

“Cradled in the hands of God and other Mussar students, I transcended my usual anxieties and experienced transformation. I am filled with love and hope.”
– Judith Edelstein

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Through a Mussar Lens

By Alan Morinis

The following is an abridged version of opening remarks that Alan Morinis delivered at the Mussar Kallah Nov. 11 at the Illinois Beach Resort in Zion, Ill.

It is with real joy that I welcome you to the ninth Mussar Kallah. I am truly very happy to be here with you.

This evening, we begin the 15th of Cheshvan on the Jewish calendar. Through the millennia, many things have happened on this date of the 15th of Cheshvan but one stands out especially poignantly for us as we gather here on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan to begin the journey of learning, growing, feasting and community we will take over the next few days in the way and spirit of Mussar.

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Re-Hear the Mussar Kallah Retreat IX

For those who attended the Mussar Kallah Retreat IX in October and wish to re-visit sessions, or for those who missed it entirely, recordings are available as mp3 files.

To see a description of recorded sessions, click here.

A Taste of Mussar

As Good as Latkes: A Taste of Mussar

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It’s an easy way to learn what the study of Mussar is all about and what it can offer. There’s no prerequisite to taking the course, and the format is Web-based, meaning that students can proceed at their own pace and do it anywhere. The course can begin at any time. The course costs $36 and would make a welcome Chanukah gift. To read more or to register, click here.

Generosity Week

Generosity Week is Coming

February 19 – 24, 2012

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Watch for details soon.

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The Torah portion each week prominently features one or more middot (or soul traits). If you have suggestions or, better yet, if you have written a drash that relates the Torah portion to a middah, please send it to us at info@mussarinstitute.org. We will build a database and make it available so that members of the community can have access to resources to study Torah in a middah way.



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