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Everyday Holiness

Everyday Holiness: The Jewish Spiritual Path to MussarEveryday Holiness: The Jewish Spiritual Path to Mussar introduces profound and practical teachings on discovering happiness, wisdom, and our highest potential amid the struggles of everyday life. Each chapter features a key character trait (or quality of the soul) found in traditional Mussar teachings, including humility, generosity, gratitude, trust, patience, and enthusiasm—and presents them in an engaging and helpful manner that anyone can understand and put to use toward reinvigorating their religious life, exploring contemplative spirituality, or simply making spirituality a stronger presence in everyday life.

Here is an accessible and inspiring introduction to the centuries-old Jewish spiritual tradition known as Mussar. Though little known outside Orthodox Jewish communities, Mussar is an illuminating, approachable, and highly practical set of teachings for cultivating personal growth and spiritual fulfillment—and one of its main goals is to reveal the inherent goodness that lies within each of us.

Praise for Everyday Holiness

"Practical guidance on how to negotiate the epidemic levels of confusion in our frenetic world. The Mussar tradition offers a path of wisdom and authentic holiness that has stood the test of time. Alan Morinis has made a significant contribution in helping reveal Mussar’s transformative power."

—Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Extraordinary
Healing Power of Ordinary Things

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Read an Excerpt from Everyday Holiness
(107KB PDF)